Innovative Remote Monitoring
and Prediction to Improve
Patient Care

Healthcare solutions provided by Rinicare utilise the latest information
and communications technologies to both improve patient’s quality
of care 
and relieve the financial strain on healthcare providers.


Fully portable solution
for use in remote locations

Displays vital sign data in real-time
for a suite of wireless sensors

User-friendly e-form records all the
vital sign data and produces a PDF report

Records multimedia such as images,
video and audio files for documentation purposes

Data can be seamlessly shared with remote specialists
to provide an early and accurate assessment

Capturing of raw data removes
the possibility of erroneous records

Detection and Prevention system

The Rinicare system is fall detection and alert system
that uses thermal imaging sensors to provide clinicians with advanced warnings of potential fall incidents

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Rinicare’s goal is to design innovative, hospital grade medically certified technologies
aimed at both improving patient outcomes and alleviating pressure on healthcare budgets

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Partners and Customers
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