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A Revolutionary Fall Alert System

Our innovative solution has been designed and developed to aid healthcare providers in managing and regulating the risk of a patient falling, with the potential to reduce or even prevent this event from occurring.

An Aid in the Reduction of Patient Falls from Beds in an In-Patient Setting.

The SAFE Smart Surveillance Unit (SSU) is an innovative thermal imaging sensor system that uses intelligent algorithms to detect the potential risk level of a patient’s position in a bed and allows clinicians to monitor this without being in the room. If a patient’s safety is at risk, it sends out an alert to nearby clinicians instantly alerting them to a possible fall.

A Helping Hand with Falls Prevention

Modern healthcare providers are faced with the challenge of minimizing patient falls whilst maintaining the dignity and independence of those in their care. Rinicare has created a solution which aims to reduce patient falls whilst also reducing the strain on healthcare providers. Passively monitoring patients whilst completing other clinical tasks has never been so simple or effective.

The Benefits of SAFE

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SAFE effectively monitors patients’ positions within a bed and alerts nearby users if there is a risk of a fall.

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The thermal imaging sensor system provided by SAFE not only works perfectly at night, it also protects patient dignity. Users do not see the raw image, but instead see an icon that represents the patient’s position in the bed.

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The latest thermal optics cameras are employed for state-of-the-art position classification and clarity, with comprehensive movement logs which can be recorded to ensure further analysis is possible.

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The customisable nature of SAFE allows users to adjust the sensitivity of detections and alarmed responses to ensure maximum independence for patients at all times.

Key Features of SAFE

  • State-of-the-art thermal imaging camera
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Customizable alarms
  • Handheld portable devices
  • Individual incident log
  • Works in the dark/at night

Why Chose SAFE for falls prevention?

  • Alleviates pressure on healthcare budgets
  • Improves patient outcomes and quality of care
  • Instantaneous, real-time reporting, therefore improving time efficiencies
  • Portable handheld devices enable clinicians to move freely around the environment whilst keeping in touch with patient movements.
  • System has the ability to generate an incident log allowing for historical investigations and audit trails.

million over 85’s estimated by 2039


billion costs to the NHS from falls among older people


of all reported falls from over 65’s


million was the cost of reported inpatient falls in 2015/16

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