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The Completely Portable Solution for Vital Sign Monitoring

Designed by Rinicare with the input of active clinicians, PRIME makes wireless patient monitoring and data analysis more efficient and effective than ever before.

The Complete Solution for Remote Patient Monitoring

PRIME is a modular system consisting of:

1. SpO2 Pulse Oximeter
2. Tympanic Thermometer
3. Blood pressure monitor
4. 12 lead ECG
5. Rinicare’s PRIME Hub

The standalone module collects and transmits real-time data directly to a healthcare professional via an app installed on a smart device, where it can be visualised, monitored and stored. Patients can be assessed in their own homes by clinicians, or even remotely by sending their vital sign data to specialists to record, retaining the patient’s independence.

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The Only Choice for Portable, Efficient and Accurate Vital Sign Monitoring

PRIME is an innovative solution that provides comprehensive and bespoke care for patients and healthcare professionals, all while ensuring greater patient satisfaction. Clinicians are able to access a complete range of real-time vital sign data that is accurate and consistent. PRIME can be deployed anywhere in the world, allowing the user unparalleled capabilities for real time monitoring, data collection and data analysis.

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The Benefits of PRIME

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A completely wireless system consisting of high quality Bluetooth sensors and PRIME IoT hub stored in a lightweight and durable protective case.

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Easy to use and quick to start monitoring a patient’s data through our apps. Capturing the raw data from source significantly reduces the opportunity for record keeping errors.

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Following a simple log-in procedure, the user can start visualising and recording important vital sign data within seconds. The use of gold standard medical sensors, ensures accurate readings, equivalent to traditional methods.

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An essential tool for clinicians, medical researchers, first responders and many more users.

Why Choose PRIME for vital sign monitoring?

  • Alleviates pressure on healthcare budgets
  • Improves patient outcomes and quality of care
  • Real time vital sign data
  • Simple user-interface
  • Modular
  • Paperless Approach
  • Error free reporting
  • CE marked
  • Wireless patient monitoring

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million plus patients looked after by the NHS every 36 hours


more hospital admissions in 2015/16 than a decade earlier


care home visits & 27 home visits per week carried out by the average practice


rise in patient waiting times to see a doctor, over the last 5 years

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