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Research and Development

Intuitive and Reliable Healthcare Solutions

Our team of project managers, researchers, data scientists, and software & hardware experts have a strong academic background, which is the foundation of all the research and development we put into our self-developed products. This ensures our research and development is accurate, accessible and as innovative as possible.

Rinicare’s STABILITY

Existing patient early warning score systems are basic, not patient-specific and only utilise small amounts of available data to identify patients at risk of deterioration or complications. The key focus of Stability is to prevent the development and...

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Rinicare’s SAFE

The SAFE project (System to Avoid Falls Events) set out to develop an innovative new product that would help clinicians prevent the escalating number of in-patient falls at hospitals. The criteria for the SAFE system included the functionality...

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Rinicare’s PRIME

Rinicare’s Pre-hospital Information and Monitoring E-system (PRIME) proposed to develop a mobile health information and monitoring platform aimed at optimising patient pathways in prehospital healthcare. PRIME's proof-of-concept (PoC) will assess the technical feasibility of creating an intuitive and...

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