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Rinicare Visits India

Rinicare, in partnership with The University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN), recently visited India as part of a research program focusing on health issues around pregnancy. Rinicare’s PRIME system was an integral part of this research program – allowing academics and clinicians to instantly visualise, record and transmit patient vital sign data.

Representatives from both Rinicare and UCLAN visited various locations, including independent women’s groups in Bangalore and the Fernandez Hospital in Hyderabad, in order to engage with patients and obtain valuable vital sign data.

PRIME was universally praised as being efficient and effective in providing assessments in areas usually lacking in healthcare infrastructure. Conversations are ongoing between Rinicare and Indian national and regional government bodies to see how PRIME can be best deployed throughout the nation. One of PRIME’s major advantages it can afford the Indian populace is the ability to transmit remote patient data within seconds to any required location. This feature will allow healthcare workers in remote areas of the country to transmit patient vital signs to central hubs, such as Mumbai and Delhi, for assessment by senior healthcare professionals thus connecting the Indian healthcare network in a manner previously impossible.

The researchers from UCLAN also commended Rinicare’s PRIME system for the accuracy of the data captured as well as the user-friendly mobile application.