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Rinicare’s PRIME Commences Community Rollout

Rinicare’s remote monitoring solution, PRIME, has begun a provisional rollout within the NHS community care infrastructure. Enabling clinicians to remotely monitor patients, reduce admin and, potentially, improve outcomes are some of the key goals for PRIME in the community.

Based in the North West, this preliminary rollout involves well-established NHS services utilising PRIME for home visits leading to a better connected and more productive health service provision. With it’s connections to EMIS & SystmOne, as well as being able to dynamically calculate the National Early Warning Score, PRIME intends to make providing care in the community a much more streamlined and effective operation.

PRIME’s rollout commenced in early June with early feedback being very positive generating, in particular, praise for the solution’s innovation and efficiency. Rinicare expects to be able to share more conclusive findings in August 2019.