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"Our Team of rescuers are familiar with Rinicare’s PRIME system and it is used daily in our work. More specifically, the system is used for remote monitoring of patients and victims of disasters helping to improve quality of care by providing advice from experts in the centre and by a enabling better preparation for the arrival of patients. A few PRIME systems are installed in Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, providing continuous monitoring of the staff who work there. Prior to obtaining PRIME we evaluated a number of solutions from various suppliers and we decided to select Rinicare’s PRIME due to its outstanding performance and very reasonable cost, making it a very good value product. "

State Emergency Service

Ukraine (PRIME)

"We are pleased with the current progress of the SAFE study. Rinicare has provided excellent support throughout the process, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration…I strongly believe that SAFE can be a significant factor in improving patient safety in hospital wards in the future."

Associate Director of Research and Innovation

NHS Trust (SAFE)

"PRIME is an easy to use system which enables the user to save time and improve the clinical assessment of patients within the primary care setting."


GP NHS Practice (PRIME)